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Last night around 11:00 I was about 50 feet away from my own house when I noticed a man walking toward me on the sidewalk. He had the crazy vibe that anyone who’s been mugged can sense from a mile … Continue reading

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NRA: Made in China

Today in the mail I received one of the incentives for joining the NRA. It’s the ‘Official NRA members-only shooter’s cap’. When I took it out of the mailing envelope, I looked it over from end to end and was disappointed … Continue reading

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Ridding the Neighborhood of Squatters

The street where I live is mostly older homes on one end, and homes converted to law and government offices on the other end. Stand on the offices end and you have an unobstructed view of the state capitol building. … Continue reading

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Victims Fight Back

I love this video. A man runs up to someone in the mall, attacks him by throwing a green net over him . Why he does this isn’t clear. Perhaps it’s a prank. Clearly the victim of the prank doesn’t … Continue reading

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Aggressive Homeless Men

On the street where I currently live is private, religious homeless relief agency that works out of a large house. The majority of the homeless come in the afternoon for food, clothes and sermons. By the evenings they’re gone, staying in the homeless … Continue reading

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I like to walk. I prefer it to driving. Walking everywhere wasn’t a problem when I lived in a small town, but these days I live in a mid-sized city in the south—a transition city not developed enough for walking … Continue reading

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Alameda Syndrome

A man is drowning. Alameda, California firefighters stand on the beach, watching as the man struggles in the waves. The firefighters want to save him, but department policy prohibits firefighters attempting rescues for which they are not trained. The firefighters … Continue reading

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