NRA: Made in China

Today in the mail I received one of the incentives for joining the NRA. It’s the ‘Official NRA members-only shooter’s cap’. When I took it out of the mailing envelope, I looked it over from end to end and was disappointed to see a ‘Made in China’ label staring back at me. On one side of the cap is a patriotic American flag. Great—but underneath is the notice that a portion of my NRA dues went to support one of the world’s greatest enemies of freedom.

Apparently I’m not the only NRA member upset about the organization’s unethical relationship with China, and lots of people have been complaining for some time. Sure, only a fraction of the cost of my NRA membership actually went to supporting China, but a fraction of support is too much. The NRA should know better. I’d have been much happier, much prouder to wear the hat if underneath I’d found the rare label that reads “Made in U.S.A.”.

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